RamDisk Plus for Windows XP Embedded

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    Requirements for embedded devices frequently run up against performance and/or persistent storage constraints. To resolve such problems, embedded devices can benefit by implementing one or more RAM disks. RAM disks provide extremely fast, highly reliable, writable storage for the embedded environment.
RAM Disk Functionality
  RamDisk Plus Embedded is based on RamDisk Plus 8.0 Desktop Edition. The same digitally-signed drivers are used along with command-line and optional graphical-user interfaces.

RAM disks can be dynamically created and destroyed after the device boots, or remain static after creation by the First Boot Agent. A RAM disk’s content (image) can be saved to a storage device (including a network drive) automatically at device shutdown, or by command at any time. Disk size is limited only by available memory. RAM disks can be created with or without a file system, and support FAT, FAT32 and NTFS, according to their size.

The RAM disks created by RamDisk Plus Embedded are allocated from physical memory, not the system’s paged or non-paged pools. Memory is mapped and locked into virtual address space only when required for read or write operations. These design features help keep the disk’s burden on operating system resources to a minimum.


In a static environment (no disk creation or destruction after FBA), a RAM disk can be implemented with a footprint of less than 130 KB. The maximum, full-functionality, footprint of the registered binaries is less than 350 KB.

The RamDisk Plus Embedded package includes a full set of components and their associated repository which can be used as-is or modified by Component Designer. The included components support a wide range of possible configurations, including read-only storage environments.

Click here for an overview of RamDisk and RamDisk Plus®

Host Computer
Windows XP Embedded with SP2.
Target Device
Windows XP Embedded with SP1 or SP2.
Minimum of 130 KB storage for files (after FBA completes).
Sufficient RAM to create the RAM disk.
Free Evaluation
  To request a free evaluation copy of RamDisk Plus Embedded, or for more information about this product, please contact us at 1-877-388-7733, email consultants@superspeed.com, or submit a web request.

Last Modified 4 June 2014

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