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Overview   Confidentiality, integrity and availability are essential to ensure the security of information processed and maintained by a computer system. A RAM disk’s intrinsic characteristics go a long way to fulfilling these security requirements.
Physical security of RAM disks   From a physical standpoint, the information maintained in a RAM disk is highly available; its access path is superior to all other storage devices. Data flow between the RAM disk and the processors travel the shortest physical path possible, achieving the highest possible integrity. The RAM disk’s volatile nature and the fact that the main memory and processors share the same physical circuit board contribute to the privacy of information stored on the RAM disk.
Kernel-mode security   In Microsoft Windows operating systems, RAM disks are generally managed by kernel-mode device drivers. The kernel-mode environment is the security foundation for the user-mode environment, with a clearly defined, robust boundary separating the two. RAM disk kernel-mode device drivers are protected from user-mode components by that boundary. In addition to the above, RamDisk Secure and RamDisk Plus Secure offer the following unique security features:
Non-Paged Image   A RAM disk's contents is never paged out to a system paging file. The memory allocated for a RAM disk's image is not taken from the system's paged or non-paged pools. Instead, the allocation is made from physical memory, and is then managed exclusively by the RAM disk's kernel-mode device drivers. This ensures that no information present on a RAM disk can be mined by reading the contents of a system paging file.
Auto-Wipe at Log-Off   When a user logs off (terminates a session), a privileged process automatically wipes clean the contents of qualified RAM disks present on the machine. This ensures that no information from a previous user session is present on any portion of the RAM disks when the next user logs on.
Wipe at Removal   When a RAM disk is removed from the system its contents are wiped clear before returning the memory to the system. This ensures that no sensitive information is present in any of the physical memory pages, which might later be subject to mining.
Security Criteria
  The wipe functionality in RamDisk Secure and RamDisk Plus Secure meets the erasure (purge or sanitization) requirements for semiconductor media as set by:
· DOD 5220.22-M (U.S. Department of Defense)
· NCSC-TG-025 (U.S. National Computer Security Center)
· AR380-19 (U.S. Department of the Army)
· NAVSO P-5239-26 (U.S. Naval Information Systems Management Center)
“Designed for Windows” Logo’d Drivers  

The RAM disk device drivers have been thoroughly tested to meet Microsoft standards for Windows compatibility. Microsoft awards this logo to products that deliver a reliable, high-quality computing experience with Windows operating systems. This ensures the integrity and availability of information stored on a RAM disk.

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