Return on Investment


"SuperSpeed’s software has allowed us to increase the transactional capacity and has improved the performance of our integrated commerce and database servers that support each transaction. Before, we were able to support 20,000 transactions per minute. Now, we move 100,000 transactions in the same amount of time using fewer servers and a RAM-based database. That’s a 500-percent increase."

- Michael Lewis, VP of Technical Solutions, e-Media

Reduce Processing Time








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Hard disk storage throughput  

While system processor, bus, and memory speeds reach ever greater magnitudes, hard disk storage throughput continues to hold back the performance of servers and applications.

Recognizing the critical need to reduce this disparity, SuperSpeed Software has developed patented technologies that allow your system to access stored data at main memory bus speeds.

IT return on investment (ROI)  
The proven ability of our performance solutions to positively impact our customers’ IT return on investment (ROI) has lead to successful deployments at thousands of IT departments around the world.
SuperSpeed Software’s award-winning software  

SuperSpeed Software’s award-winning software leverages your current hardware investment to achieve performance that would otherwise be possible only with large capital expenditures for hardware.

  • Maximize your return on your current software and hardware investment.
  • Increase customer or user satisfaction levels.
  • Enable your IT department to reach its fullest potential.
  • Optimize the performance of servers you already own for a minimal investment.
  • Increase system performance so your IT managers’ time can be freed up to concentrate on critical business issues.


    Unlock Your Servers’ True Potential!
    Reduce Processing Time
    Increase Computing Capacity
    Reduce IT Operating Costs
    Improve Overall System Productivity
Unleash the Power of Your Servers and Applications  

We combine our industry expertise with our knowledge of the critical business applications running on servers throughout global organizations.

Our solutions show dramatic results with following servers and applications:

  • Citrix, VMware, Microsoft Terminal Server
  • IBM Lotus Domino, Microsoft Exchange
  • Oracle, SyBase, IBM DB2, Microsoft SQL Server, and other databases
  • Cognos PowerPlay, SAS Business Intelligence, and other financial/investment analytics and real-time trading
  • Apache HTTP Server, Microsoft IIS
  • Streaming Media
  • OLTP (Online Transaction Processing)
  • CAD (Computer-Aided Design)
  • Hosted ISP and ASP solutions
  • Software Development
  • Voice Recognition
  • Graphics and Image Processing
Which Product Is Best for Your Enterprise?  

We recognize the importance of working with the technology infrastructure already in place at your organization.

Depending on your IT infrastructure, the amount of physical memory available on your servers, the size of the applications that you are running, and your need for adaptability to cyclical workloads, SuperSpeed Software’s team of trained experts will work with you to customize a solution that best supports your infrastructure and business needs.

To discover how you can unlock your servers’ true potential, contact our consultants at 1-877-388-7733 or email

Maximize Your Current and Future Hardware Investments   IT departments now have a choice when it comes to deploying their applications at speeds previously available only with the purchase of additional, more expensive hardware. SuperSpeed Software’s product suite is a highly welcomed alternative that provides your business with superior system performance at a fraction of the cost of purchasing new servers and peripherals.
SuperSpeed Enterprise Suite vs.
Eight Processor Pentium III server with 4 GB RAM
  Comparing the purchase of the SuperSpeed Enterprise Suite to the purchase of an 8 Processor Pentium III server with 4 GB RAM clearly demonstrates the exceptional return on investment that SuperSpeed can provide to its customers. A hardware and software investment of over $100,000 is required to achieve system performance equal to that attained when with the purchase a SuperSpeed license for $8,000 (plus additional RAM). Unlike hardware, which has high maintenance costs over its lifetime and depreciates in value immediately upon purchase, an investment in SuperSpeed is virtually maintenance-free.
Expense Comparison
You Be The Judge!   Clients, like e-Media, have experienced dramatic savings in their capital and infrastructure operating costs. In addition, they've seen significant decreases in the time required by their IT team to manage the myriad of applications running on their servers. This reduction in expensive human capital costs has produced additional savings for our clients.

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