Disk Performance Solutions


The performance of most server and desktop applications is bound or limited by the storage subsystem. When under heavy loads, hard disks can only provide data at a rate of 5-15 MB/s on a desktop system or 15-50 MB/s on a server system. The computer's main memory (RAM), however, can transfer data at rates of 400 to 3200 MB/s, many times the rates of hard disks.

Our solutions utilize system memory to accelerate the performance of disk-bound server and desktop applications. They are based on our four unique, patented software products, SuperCache II ®, SuperVolume®, RamDisk, and RamDisk Plus®, which include support for all 32- and 64-bit editions of Windows 2000®, Windows XP® and Windows Server 2003®.

This suite of products can be used to entirely cache the system's page file, cache persistent hot data in whole or in part, or fully contain temporary hot data. These different configurations provide effective solutions to most disk-bound performance problems.

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